MAMI 2019: It Must Be Heaven movie is an intelligent satirical comedy

Among the bunch of movies in the world cinema category, It Must be Heaven is one movie that generated quite a decent buzz and it lives upto the expectations.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 19, 2019 14:29 IST
MAMI 2019: It Must Be Heaven movie is an intelligent satirical comedy

It Must Be Heaven, directed by Elia Suleiman, is one of the favorites for a lot of movie buffs. The movie's evening was held yesterday.

It Must Be Heaven is a Palestinian satirical comedy that chronicles the life of a filmmaker who escapes to New York to find the peace which he isn't getting back home. But after staying in New York for a few days, he realizes that life is the same as it was in Palestine.
Elia Suleiman directed and acted as the lead in the movie. He never speaks on the films and carries it entirely on his expressions. The cinematography gets a special mention as it makes the film look like a painting canvas. Totally, It Must Be Heaven is a good political satire comedy that makes you laugh and think at the same time.
The update on the release of the movie in the theatres might come soon. Keep watching the space for more updates on MAMI international Film festival.

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Actress Mouni Roy says she is dying to get back to India as she misses her family

Mouni Roy has gotten herself stuck in a mess as she is living in Abu Dhabi for over three months now. Roy travelled to the UAE in March when she had some work in a foreign country. However, due to travel restrictions and the Coronavirus pandemic, Roy is staying at her friend's place in Abu Dhabi. In a recent interview with The Times of India Mouni has revealed that she is dying to get back to India. Roy has said that she is missing her family and wants to get back soon.
In the interview, Roy said, "I am enjoying my stay here, in the company of my friend, who I grew up with, and her family. However, I am missing my mother and brother, who are in Cooch Behar. I am dying to come back to India, but I haven’t finalised a return date yet.”
Mouni also said that she rarely ever gets out of the Abu Dhabi house as she does not want to put her friend at risk. She added saying, “My friend’s parents stay with her and also, she has two little boys. I don’t want to take any risks as far as their health is concerned and prefer staying at home. I have stepped out only a couple of times, and that too, to buy groceries."
Mouni Roy is set to star next in Ayan Mukerji's fantasy drama film Brahmastra. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Amitabh Bachchan in various leadership roles in the film.

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Manoj Bajpayee says public anger over Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely death is justified

Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide in his Bandra home on June 14. The 34-year old's untimely death has made fans question the presence of godfathers in the Bollywood film industry. Many fans have also criticised filmmakers and actors for promoting nepotism.

While many celebrities have chosen to distance themselves from the nepotism row, Manoj Bajpayee has defended the public anger. Bajpayee said, "If the anger is directed towards you, I have to ask the question, right?! When I say that people are right when they are making my film a hit, when the same people are asking me questions, it becomes very important for us to answer those questions. This is (something) what the government also does."
In his previous interview with Pinkvilla Manoj praised Sushant and said he could never achieve so much at such a young age. He said, "All of us have our highs and lows and emotions. Sushant was no different. I don’t think I am as talented as that. I don’t think I am as intelligent and as bright as he used to be. I don’t think I had achieved anything till the age of 34, what he achieved, as compared to his achievements. I feel that my achievements are very very small. That is how I remember him. I don’t remember him not only as a good human being."
The actor worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in the 2019 film Sonchiriya. Manoj said, "Let me start with this, the world is not fair. I have been saying this for 20 years that as an industry we celebrate mediocrity. Forget about the industry, as a nation we celebrate mediocrity. Something is lacking somewhere -- in our thought process, our value system. When we see talent, we immediately want to ignore or push it away. This is the value system of ours which is so deplorable."

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Hindi tv actor Samiksha Singh says goodbye to the tv industry after marrying singer Shael Oswal in Singapore

Samiksha Singh had the most pleasant surprise for her fans on Wednesday. The tv actor revealed that she has married singer Shael Oswal in Singapore. Recently Samiksha travelled to Singapore in February to shoot for Shael's song Tere Naal. Since then Samiksha has revealed that she will also be saying goodbye to the camera from now on.

Speaking about her life post marriage Samiksha said, "I came to Singapore in February 2020 for the shoot of another song with him, titled ‘Tere Naal’, and bas uske naal hi reh gayi (and just stayed beside him). I have no plans of returning to Mumbai now and have said goodbye to the industry. I will get into scriptwriting, direction and production, and want to revive the production house set up by my father-in-law.”
The actor also spoke about choosing July 3 as the auspicious day of marriage. Samiksha said, "That date is auspicious for us, as it marks the birth anniversary of Shael’s father, who passed away in 2016. We opted for a simple ceremony at a local gurudwara (in Singapore), which was attended virtually by our families.”
"He had approached me for the song after seeing my photographs. While he says that he fell in love with me almost instantly, I had no feelings for him. During the song, however, we got talking and grew closer. He is the biggest blessing in my life,” she added.
Samiksha has a 10-year-old son from a previous marriage. Shael also has two teenage children with his ex-wife.