MAMI Film Festival holds special screenings of Egyptian films

To promote the culture and bring the taste of different cinema, MAMI International Film Festival is carrying a special presentation of Egyptian Cinema.
MAMI Film Festival holds special screenings of Egyptian films

In every edition, the staff of the MAMI Film Festival screens some of the best works of a particular country. This time, the film buffs are getting a chance to watch three of the best films made in Egypt over the last three years. These films fall under the section, Special Presentation: Egyptian Cinema.

The films are Ali The Goat and the Ibrahim, Dreamaway, and Ext. Night. Ali, The Goat, and The Ibrahim is a 2016 film that chronicles the story of a young man called Ali who goes on a trip with another person and a goat. The film showcases his journey and self-discovery through it.
Dreamaway is a 2018 Arabic film that deals with the life of a young workers' group in a hotel. The last one is the 2018 film Ext. Night directed by Ahmad Abdalla. The film showcases the story of a cabbie, a filmmaker, and a prostitute over the course of a single night. All these films have multiple screenings at the festival.