Manchu Manoj and Sundeep Kishan share viral Baahubali edits!

A series of Baahubali scenes edits with the voiceover of the Dairy Milk ‘Kiss Me’ advertisement are making their rounds; actors Manchu Manoj and Sundeep Kishan took to their Instagram to share it!
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: June 13, 2020 15:22 IST
Manchu Manoj and Sundeep Kishan share viral Baahubali edits!

The latest trend on viral media is editing popular video by changing the voiceover with a completely different soundtrack. The different soundtracks, however, seem to fit the video perfectly! The latest viral edit of this sort is none other than the popular scenes from the hit epic franchise Baahubali. The viral edit shows war scenes from the hit film with the Dairy Milk ‘Kiss Me’ advertisement soundtrack as the voiceover! Actors Manchu Manoj and Sundeep Kishan both took to their social media to share the edits! The edits are now gaining more popularity with each share!
Manchu Manoj shared one of the videos with the caption, “Awesome edit Epic sync Hollywood Rebel Star @actorprabhas.”
Sundeep Kishan on the other hand, took to his Instagram Story to share a few of the videos. He wrote, “hahahaha this is fantastic..check it out #Baahubali.” across one of the videos he shared!
Manchu Manoj has appeared in several films like Bindaas, Vedam, and many more. Manoj took a small hiatus from acting. He is now returning to the silver screen with the film Aham Brahmasmi. Srikanth N Reddy is directing the film. Sundeep Kishan was last seen in the film Tenali Ramakrishna BA. BL. Sandeep Kishan will next star in the film Kasada Tabara. Kasada Tabara is Venkat Prabhu's anthology. He will also appear in the Naragasooran. He will also star opposite Lavanya Tripathi in the film A1 Express.