Manmadhudu 2 Live Updates Premiere Show Review

by Aravind Peesapati | August 09, 2019 06:41 IST
Manmadhudu 2 Live Updates Premiere Show Review

Manmadhudu 2 Live Updates Premiere Show Review - Manmadhudu 2 FDFS Live Updates
Manmadhudu was an iconic movie in all aspects when it released. Be it the comedy or Trivikram Srinivas’s punch lines, the film has an eternal shelf life and still remains one of the classics.
Coming to Manmadhudu 2 it is making headlines almost every day from the time they have unveiled the film’s first teaser. The excessive romantic flavor between Nag and Rakul Preet Singh in the film has received backlash from movie buffs and several netizens went out of their way and launched a smear campaign against Rahul Ravindran, the director of the film and his wife and singer Chinmayi. The concept and origin of the film seem to completely contrast from Manmadhudu. Music is also not up to the mark when compared to the first part.
But, Nagarjuna is confident that the film will make the right noise and will live up to the expectations of part 1. Let’s see how Manmadhudu 2 fares.
Manmadhudu 2 Live updates:
*Movie opens in Portugal. Cassandra an area inhabited by Telugus in 1928.

*Nag intro in Portugal forests...simple and stylish ...He looks dashing on screen.

*Nagarjuna is a perfumer in Europe and shown as womanizer...Vennala Kishore is his PA.

*3 liplocks in first 10 mins... a lot of double meaning dialogues already. Vennala Kishore is stealing the show so far.

*Keerthi Suresh cameo as Nagarjuna’s ex-girlfriend... love failure and turned into a playboy.

*Flashback episodes of how Nagarjuna turned in to playboy...are quite funny. Time for the first song... "Hey Manina"

*Rakul Preet Singh entry as a bold waitress.

*Family lunch scene is very well executed and good. So far the film is quite funny. Largely cause of Vennela Kishore

*Mother (Played by senior artist Lakshmi) and family force Nagarjuna to get married. Dialogues in sentiment scenes are good.

*After Keerthy another cameo enters the scene this time it none another than Samantha Akkineni.

*Nagarjuna hires Rakul Preet Singh (Avantika) to act as his girlfriend... He sets a deal with Avantika (Rakul) to play his girl. Avantika charges an hourly rate for being his lover.

*Surprisingly entertaining first half. Pre interval scenes are hilarious. Vennela Kishore is there literally in every scene and he steals the show. Nagarjuna energetic role after some time. Decent first half.

*Strip club scene is hilarious.

*The movie is now heading towards the climax as Sam and Avantika’s contract period is coming to an end.

*Lag starts when romance takes over comedy.

*Second half is pretty flat so far with just a couple of funny scenes here and there.