Maruthi's funny reply to a troller

A netizen accused director Maruthi of using Mega family for the promotions of his movies but the director's reply is receiving a lot of applause.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 31, 2019 19:53 IST
Maruthi's funny reply to a troller

Director Maruthi is well known for his comedy entertainer movies. The director not only makes the audience laugh with his comedy timing in his film but can also crack jokes in real life as well.

Recently, Maruthi gave a funny reply to a troller, which made the netizens laugh. We already know that Maruti is currently busy with his upcoming movie, 'Prati Roju Pandaage' starring Sai Dharam Tej. Recently, a fan-made poster came out in which Pawan Kalyan appeared with an umbrella in the movie poster.
The picture went viral on the internet, and Maruthi, who saw this picture, shared it on his official Twitter account and said that the edit is really good. A troller blamed Maruthi for using Pawan Kalyan's name and claimed that all of them were born just to take advantage of Pawan Kalyan.
Interestingly, Maruthi corrected his grammar mistakes and asked him to learn to type in Telugu first and then make comments. The netizens are now supporting Maruthi for his apt reply.
Also, Pawan Kalyan fans too came as support to Maruthi saying that the director has done the right job in replying to the troller.