MasterClass at MAMI with celebrated filmmakers

Hany-Abu-Assad and Nandita Das gives an inspiring master class at MAMI international Film festival on second day.
MasterClass at MAMI with celebrated filmmakers

Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI) International Film Festival has been grabbing the attention of the audience. Talking at this event, Dutch-Palestinian film director Hany-Abu-Assad and Indian actress and director NanditaDas shared their journey of filmmaking.

Their inspiring speech also involved some of their personal experiences during filmmaking. Hany-Abu-Assad opened his speech with an impactful statement that movies are a great window to the culture. He said that he feels like he knows India as he has been watching Indian movies since childhood. He claimed that only script makes 80% of a good film, 15% actor the 5% is the way the director visualizes it. "An actor will be honest with you if you, as a director, are honest with them," said HanyAbuAssad. He articulated that everyone flawed, but it’s essential to protect one's voice and maintain authenticity. He made a point that the real mission of art is to make the audience think and produce an emotional response. He expressed that art should have a message that has to move people. He also added that everyone should learn to take criticism.
On the other hand, Nandita Das stated that art for art’s sake is a nonsense concept. She says that now it doesn’t make any sense. She also asked to start speaking up. "We know art creates an impact; otherwise, there won't be a need to be censored," said Nandita Das.