Mr. Majnu Live updates premiere show Review

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 25, 2019 01:43 IST
Mr. Majnu Live updates premiere show Review

After the flow of some big movies this Sankranthi, it is very much clear that the opening of 2019 is not as expected for Tollywood. Only Venkatesh & Varun Tej starrer F2 stood tall at the box-office with solid collections. For movie lovers, it is Mr.Majnu which is the only movie that is geared up for the release.
In the recent past, many directors stumbled with their second movie after making a impressive debut. As Mr Majnu is also so a big movie, and probably a decision making film for Akhil's career, all eyes are on Venky Atluri’s Mr.Majnu and the question is, will Venky Atluri over come the second movie syndrome? And give much needed hit for Akhil career, well we have to wait and see.
Neverthless, Akhil is also waiting for his first hit ever.
* After two flop movies, Akhil managed to pull in decent crowd to theatres for a mid week release. Will Mr Majnu step up the ladder from his past 2 films? We got to watch for it now. Watch it along with us.
* Movie opens in London - describing the handsome greekuverudi koduku Vicky (Akhil) The whole college is dying to be his girlfriend including lecturers.
* No points for guessing. Heroine joins the same college, gets into the same flight as Hero, happens to be family fiends too. Too much coincidence there. Subbaraju becomes babai from annaya.
* Title track is one of the best from Thaman in recent times. Akhil flaunted his 6 pack or maybe 8 or 12, kinda confused there. Displayed his swag and all, looked cool.
* 30 mins in, GeethaGovindam begins. Sister and brother of hero heroine getting married , the lead pair is set out on shopping. Except of course it’s not as fun as Geetha Govindam yet.
* Melancholy. Family emotions. Gyan. Heroism. Action sequence. There seems to be no flow in the film so far, going on randomly on its own wish.
* Vicky being the hero stands by his family issues. Sister says ‘Ma annaya ladies man eh kani gentle man’ Next list of scenes will display his gentleness of being a man I suppose.
* A super fantastic introduction to a character called ‘Vinod’ As audience inexperienced some crazy turn or comedy sequences or epic twist. He is only used to elevate Hero.
* As if this isn’t enough yet. Hero sings a song to cheer up the family’s mood. Family cheers up while audience almost get ready to sleep.
* Family drama done. Movie slowly shifts towards lead chemistry. Akhil’s diction is much much better than Naga Chaitanya’s. He doesn’t sound foreign. Except for that hairstyle Akhil pulling off the movie fairly well
* Two different people expecting 2 different things in life - Vicky and Nikky. As we approach interval, unexpected turn takes place in their lives.
* Mixed reactions on 1 half. Melancholic, emotional, bit draggy, flat and everything average. Nothing extraordinary including Akhil. Heroine Nidhi Agerwal didn’t impress either, if 2nd half picks up the graph of the film might go up leaving it an average flick
* What happened to Vidhyu Raman!? She was literally in just one scene in 1 half, her introduction. Did director trim her role or forget about that character? Let’s see in a few minutes when 2 half begins.
* Emotional connect is missing big time. You don’t empathize with hero or his feelings towards heroine. Scenes look like they were just created to fill in the run time. Hero Vicky goes on to repair his love life.
*Why does the Mr. Majnu who is supposed to be a womanizer fall for a girl? No clue. We all are just made to instantly believe it just like Vicky.
* Director absolutely lacks creativity- it’s like watching so many films put together for each scene. It often feels like we already watched all of this except Akhil of course.
* Forced jabardasth punches by Hyper aadi in second half - do not work, Waiting desperately to appreciate just about anything that can entertain.
*Back again there are some good elements in second half. Heroines clarity of thought, Hero’s desperation. A scene where heroine asks the Hero not to be confused, came out very well. Akhil has great scope as an actor.
* Good concept & hero - a wasted opportunity. Forgettable cliches, rom com with no wow elements.
* Bad screenplay and execution, some scenes were just put in to fill the run time. Mr. Majnu reminds us time and again that even the handsomest hero needs a good script and a half decent director.
* Feel sorry for Akhil, 3rd time still not lucky.