Naga babu opens up about his decision regarding 'Jabardasth' show

Naga Babu opens up on quitting the popular TV show Jabardasth and also stated some reasons for not doing the show anymore.
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: November 22, 2019 15:24 IST
Naga babu opens up about his decision regarding 'Jabardasth' show

Mega brother Nagababu has been entertaining the television audience by being one of the judges for popular comedy show 'Jabardasth'. Recently, Nagababu has revealed that he is going to back out from the show which shocked the audience.

Recently, the actor also gave clarity regarding the reason behind his decision. He stated that with Friday's episode this week, his 'Jabardasth' journey will come to an end. "Every week, Thursday and Friday will be the most important days for me. From 2013 to 2019, I traveled with Jabardasth and it has been a beautiful and memorable journey. I never thought that I had to back out of this journey. I am quitting only because of some ideological differences related to the business and it is no one's fault. I thank Jabardasth producer Shyam Prasad Reddy. I entered Jabardasth when I was struggling financially and he gave me decent remuneration which helped me a lot" said Naga Babu.
"There is no truth in the rumors which are claiming that I quit Jabardasth because of some remuneration issues. I didn't enter Jabardasth for remuneration and it doesn't even matter to me. The show went on like a holiday trip for me. I am thanking the producer Shyam Prasad Reddy again. I will reveal more details about my journey very soon" added Nagababu in the video which is now trending on the internet.