Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja Audio launched

Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: June 03, 2019 18:25 IST
Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja Audio launched

Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja Audio launched

Following the grand reception and commercial success of Kanaa, Sivakarthikeyan Productions’ next outing 'NENJAMUNDU NERMAYUNDU ODU RAJA' has already generated a decent graph of expectations. The audio and trailer launch of this film happened today (June 3) and here are some of the excerpts from the event. Actor Mayilsamy said, “I have the habit of not listening to the scripts when someone approaches me for their movies. It’s because no one comes to the industry for making flop movies. I have to say something about Sivakarthikeyan. His phenomenal growth from a mimicry artist to a top league actor is something more amazing. I am sure thatthe film will definitely cater to the tastes of family audiences.” Cinematographer UK Senthil Kumar said, “Karthik Venugopal kept improvising a lot every day and his proficiency kept enhancing every day.”

Co-producer Kalai said, “I thank each and everyone for being here for this special occasion. Initially, I had other ideas about this occasion and later we felt that Black Sheep team is always innovative in their ideas. So we had this task given to them and they have made it more special now. I have to talk about cast and crew of NNOR for their creative and proficient working style.” Chutti Aravind said, “Before few years, myself and my brother Vicky casually started a YouTube platform, which was something completely different from our routine style. Very few had appreciated and encouraged us during that time and Sivakarthikeyan brother is one among them. Today, there are many bothers to him and that’s all because of his love and special care for all.”

Politician turned actor Nanjil Sampath said, “ I thank RJ Shah of Radio Mirchi for being the initial reason for me to be a part of this film. I am so happy to see Karthik Venugopal who happens to be a man from my native place for making a good film. I thank Sivakarthikeyan for offering me an opportunity to be a part of this film. Whenever someone comes to Chennai with more dreams and aspirations, Youtube has been their main source of escalation. In this instance, was once interviewed by the Black Sheep team and from then, I have been a part of their family.”  Just as everyone was given some hilarious topics, Nanjil Sampath was given a topic to talk upon “There is no end for me” and he referred a wonderful quote cited by Former Late CM Kalaignar Karunanidhi whose 96th birthday is celebrated today.

Actress Shirin Kanchwala said, “I thank each and everyone in the teamfor making me feel comfortable. Especially, I am thankful to the Tamiltutors for making me render the dialogues on the shooting spot.”Actor RJ Vigneshkanth said, “Although, I have been a part of suchaudio launches and special events, this one is really special tome.” He was given a topic to talk on “Cinema and then joiningpolitics.” He said, “Blacksheep has already been a part of politicsand we have been consistently reviewing the political scenario. It’snot about contesting in elections but making such contributions. Westarted Blacksheep with 6 members and later it enlarged into 22 familymembers.  There was a special person to all of us named SivaSubramaniam Anna, who passed away in an accident. Today, we are reallymissing him and owe a lot to him. We are presenting NNOD as a pakkacommercial entertainer and we are sure everyone will enjoy this intheatres from June 14.”Music director Shabir has invited tothe dais and given the topic to speak on - I will use only Ilayarajasongs. He said, “Isaignani sir has been in my subconscious mind fromthe age of 4. He has been an integral part of my life. Speaking aboutworking in NNOR, I must say that we have used some new instrumentalsfor the first time in a movie. Sivakarthikeyan brother is a hugeinspiration to me and just like Blacksheep team, I am happy to seethat I am here working with them. Sivakarthikeyan brother was the onewho launched my “Yaayum” from Sagaa and after listening to all thesongs, he told that we will definitely work together.”

Actor Rio Raj said, “Thank you Blacksheep team for making my momentsso much special. Press and media have played an important role in enhancing my journey. Karthik Venugopal and RJ Vigneshkanth were theones who blindly trusted that one day I would become a hero. Sivakarthikeyan Anna has always shown special interest in me. Therewas a time when I was doing a show in television Channel and couldn’thost the show for sometime due to my illness. Following my shows, hepersonally called me up and enquired about my health. His love andcare didn’t stop there and it continues till today and I owe him alot. It was like a formal meeting between the Blacksheep team and me forthe firstday and from Day 2, we became a family..”Filmmaker Karthik Venugopal was invited to the stage after a smallvideo was played on his philanthropic deeds. He said, “This iscompletely an emotional moment for me as I used to attend such audiolaunches standing somewhere at the corner. Today, I am here happy tobe here and all credit goes to the entire Blacksheep team for makingmy dream come true.”

Actor- Producer Sivakarthikeyan said, “I usually think that there must be a reason behind every film we produce. Kanaa was made for the sakeof our friends. The next one was to bring online and TV channelpersonalities together. So it all happens with NNOR and whilelistening to the script, I was confident that it will surely bereceived well by all. After watching the film’s climax, I was happythat we have done justice. I am someone who believes in time anddestiny. Before four years, I had the ringtone of Puratchi ThalaivarMGR song “Nenjamundu Nermayundu Odu Raja” and today to have the sametitle for the film is so much surprising and nothing was planned. Especially, to have the audio launched on the 96th birthday ofKalaignar Karunanidhi ayya is a blessing. I used to be surprised withKarthik Venugopal for he would doso much help to needy people even when he didn’t earn much. I used toregularly watch Rio as an anchor as I lovehis shows a lot. Kanaa has been an important film in our journey andwe announced NNOR ad Production No.2 during the audio launch of Kanaa. Now, we are announcing our Production No.3 that will be directed by mybrother Arun of Aruvi fame. We are releasing NNOR on June 14 and thecontent will be definitely liked by all as the story is taken fromeveryone’s life.”