Netflix April 2021: Here's the complete list of web series and films to be released

From Ajeeb Daastaans to Sexify, Netflix announces its complete list of content to be released in the month of April; CHECK OUT
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: April 04, 2021 16:36 IST
Netflix April 2021: Here's the complete list of web series and films to be released

Ajeeb Daastaans (Film), Sexify (show), Doctor Bello (Film), Tell Me When (Film), etc, are just some of the shows and films which will be releasing on Netflix in the month of April, as the streaming platform has finally announced the full list of content that'll be dropping in the coming weeks.

While we were already introduced to some interesting content in the beginning of this month, for instance, Irul, The Serpent, Run, Just Say Yes, etc, there's still a wide genre of content awaiting your attention.
S.No Netflix April 2021 Movies/Web Series
1 April 4th The Fisherman's Diary (Film)
2 April 5th Mandela (Film)
3 April 5th Coded Bias (Documentary)
4 April 6th The Last Kids On Earth (Film)
5 April 7th The Big Day: Collection 2
6 April 7th Snabba Cash S1
7 April 7th This Is A Robbery: The World's Biggest Art Heist
8 April 7th The Wedding Coach S1
9 April 7th Dolly Parton: A MusiCares Tribute
10 April 8th The Kitchen (Film)
11 April 8th The Way of the Househusband S1
12 April 8th Story of Kale: When Someone In Love (Film)
13 April 9th Ojukokoro (Film)
14 April 9th Thunder Force (Film)
15 April 9th Night In Paradise (Film)
16 April 9th Two Distant Strangers (Film)
17 April 9th Have You Ever Seen Fireflies? (Film)
18 April 9th Heaven Official's Blessing S1
19 April 10th It Chapter Two (Film)
20 April 10th Don't Be The First One
21 April 10th Godzilla: The King Of The Monsters
22 April 12th New God's: Nesha Reborn (Film)
23 April 13th Peter Rabbit (Film)
24 April 13th Mighty Express S3
25 April 13th My Love: Six Stories of True Love
26 April 14th Uppena (Film)
26 April 14th The Soul (Film)
26 April 14th Love and Monsters
26 April 14th Why Did You Kill Me?
26 April 14th The Circle S2
26 April 14th Dad Stop Embarrassing Me S1
27 April 15th The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
28 April 15th Ride or Die (Film)
29 April 16th Doctor Bello
30 April 16th Into The Beat
31 April 16th Synchronic
32 April 16th Ajeeb Daastaans
33 April 16th Arlo The Alligator Boy
34 April 16th Why Are You Like This S1
35 April 16th Fast & Furious Fast Spacers S4
36 April 17th Pokemon Detective Pikachu
37 April 18th Luis Miguel S2
38 April 20th Joker
39 April 20th Izzy's Koala World S2
40 April 20th How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
41 April 21th Oloibiri
42 April 21th Zero S1
43 April 22nd Stowaway
44 April 22nd Let's Fight Ghost S1
45 April 22nd Life In Colour With David Attenborough S
46 April 22nd Searching For Sheela
47 April 23rd Tell Me When
48 April 23rd Shadow and Bone S1
49 April 23rd Heroes: Silence & Rock & Roll
50 April 23rd Perfume Imaginary Museum (Time Warp)
51 April 25th Roman J.Israel
52 April 26th Rainbow High S1
53 April 27th Fatma S1
54 April 27th Go! Go! Gory Carson S4
55 April 28th Sexify
56 April 28th Get The Grift
57 April 28th Headspace Guide To Sleep S1
58 April 29th Us (Film)
59 April 29th Yasuke S1
60 April 29th Things Heard and Seen (Film)
61 April 30th The Disciple (Film)
62 April 30th Pet Stars S1
63 April 30th The Innocent S1
64 April 30th The Michells vs. The Machines (Film)
65 April 30th The Unremarkable Juanquini S2