Netflix drops the trailer of Dark season 3 and fans can't stop raving about it

Dark is one of the must watch shows on Netflix and the third season is going to be a feast, as per the trailer
Written By Manoj Kumar | Updated: June 12, 2020 18:18 IST
Netflix drops the trailer of Dark season 3 and fans can't stop raving about it

If you are a fan of time travel content, there is no chance of you missing out on Dark. This web series is simply mind-blowing and also one of the popular shows made by Netflix. Originally made in German, Dark is available in English as well. The first two seasons got an amazing response from the audiences. Now, the third and final season is all set to arrive on the 27th of this month. Meanwhile, Netflix has dropped the trailer of it this morning and Dark fans cannot stop raving about it.
Dark is a science fiction thriller which deals with the concept of time-travel. There are three cycles of life in the series and it is set against the backdrop of a nuclear power plant located in fictitious town Winden. A boy named Jonas goes on a journey to demystify the secrets of these life cycles. The first season got aired 2017 and the second season premiered in 2019. The first season set up the premise and its characters. It gave a glimpse of how confusing and mind-bending the show will be. The second season took it to the next level with a more complex storyline.
Now, the final season is coming up to conclude the story. The trailer looks intriguing and makes fans look forward to the show. This season will revolve around the Apocalypse Day. To know what happens to the people of Winden during this Apocalypse and how Jonas demystifies the secrets, you have to wait till the 27th of this month.