Nick Jonas reveals one thing he learned from Priyanka:

Nick Jonas talks about what he has learned from wife Priyanka Chopra and how she taught him about going with the flow; Read on
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: April 27, 2021 17:26 IST
Nick Jonas reveals one thing he learned from Priyanka:

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have been married for more than two years now. The couple defied everything to be with each other, despite people calling them out from time to time for their age difference. Ask Nick, and he says he has learned so many things from Priyanka which he would have otherwise not be able to handle. In a podcast interview called 'Time To Walk', Nick reveals how PeeCee taught him to take things easy.

"Sometimes you have to slow down to kick it into high gear again. And, you know, she's taught me a lot about going with the flow and taking it easy, something I'm still wrestling with every day. But it's definitely a better way to live life. Of all the lessons I've learned so far, I think that's the most important, is just to take some time out whether it's a walk or a movie, whatever it is for you. Just take a step back for a minute," he revealed during the podcast.
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The global celebrity couple met on Twitter and later decided to date each other and ultimately got married. Nick says he knew Priyanka was the one for him when they first met. *It was so nice when we settled into just life. And life is simple things. You know, it's watching a movie at the end of the day, ordering takeout. It's walking the dogs. We have three now. It's getting to know each other each day and learning something new. And there's a simplicity about that that I think is so reassuring and comforting."