Nivetha Pethuraj seems to have had a fun day following a couple of crows around

Nivetha Pethuraj shared a series of stories on her Instagram documenting crows on her terrace; the story thread is definitely a great laugh
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: May 28, 2020 23:41 IST
Nivetha Pethuraj seems to have had a fun day following a couple of crows around

All the time in the world but nothing much to do? Maybe you should spend some quality time among birds! Sounds a little absurd? It turns out, it could to be a fun experience. Nivetha Pethuraj seems to know all about it! Nivetha took to her Instagram story to show us what she has been up to. She has been making up stories for the crows she met on her terrace! Nivetha shared a series of stories of crows as they go about their day.
It seems like Nivetha went up to her terrace to sky gaze and ran into or should we say, flew into some crows? Nivetha started off by sharing a photo of a clear blue sky. She then happened to meet a crow and shared a photo of the crow with 'he just stands there and stares' written across. It looks like the crow intrigued Nivetha as she followed him around! Nivetha then spots a raven! Her next two stories show a crow and a raven resting on a higher surface. Here is when things get interesting. She then shares a video of the raven with 'The raven...he jumps he dominates' written across! Nivetha’s next story shows us three of them; a pair of crows and a lone raven. She then writes 'A moment of silence for all the singles.' And that’s where Nivetha’s adventure ends
On the work front, Nivetha Pethuraj was last seen in the film action drama Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo. Nivetha will next appear in several films such as Pon Manickavel, Party: A Venkat Prabhu Hangover, and Red.