No Place for Fear in My Life - Sonali Bendre!

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: March 02, 2019 16:34 IST
No Place for Fear in My Life - Sonali Bendre!

No Place for Fear in My Life - Sonali Bendre!
At the India Today Conclave 2019, an emotional Sonali Bendre opened up her long fight with cancer and how it made fearless. The former actress, who is now back to India, talked about her journey. It was in July last year that the news of Sonali Bendre diagnosed with Cancer sent shockwaves in Bollywood as well as among fans.
And in the conclave Actress Sonali Bendre opened up about the mental trauma she went through when she first ever recognised her cancer diagnosis. After listening to the words from her psychologist, Sonali stopped holding herself responsible.
Sonali said, “I said I can deal with this. I don’t have to flog myself. Because I was doing that. I kept thinking what did I do wrong. I realised that we have done nothing wrong if we have got this disease.”
Sonali said, “Now, when I say that I have learned to be fearless, there is a threshold and when I didn’t step out from my comfort zone that fear is still at the pit of my stomach. But then I say no, I am going out and face people. You will find beauty in your imperfections.”
Sonali Bendre returned to India in December, after undergoing months of chemotherapy sessions in New York. She has kept fans posted about her progress through social media where she shares the highs and lows of her journey. She returned to work in February, shortly after her 44th Birthday.