Old German movie Pandora Box gets screened at IFFI 2019

On the third day of screening, the black-white film Pandora Box gets a full auditorium attendance.
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: November 24, 2019 09:31 IST
Old German movie Pandora Box gets screened at IFFI 2019

Pandora's Box is a silent film screened with live music. This German film (1929) is an adaptation of a novel. As it was nearly more than 2 hours it felt longer. All the performances are fantastic and Brooks made her role "LULU" memorable. Even though it was from the silent era it's completely relatable and very much contemporary. The live music is okay ( it's very hard to produce spontaneous sounds with a single instrument). The direction is good. The script has a mystery/thriller side to it all of a sudden in the climax. Overall one can enjoy this situational comedy where one incident leads to the other.
God exists and her name is Petruniya tells the story that looks simple at it's based on comedy premise. The dialogues are fantastic. Few questions posed by the protagonist had thought-provoking; as they are regarding gender inequality which had mixed with religion. Nusheva, as an unemployed history graduate has delivered a very naturalistic performance. The music, cinematography and other technical departments are decent. The screenplay is good. The ending somehow looked rushed. Even though most of the part takes place at the police station, it doesn't bore you. The satirical treatment by the director is clap worthy. Exceptional writing makes this flick work.