Paatal Lok actor Abhishek Banerjee reveals the reason why his mother refuses to watch his show

Abhishek Banerjee also said that he stopped giving auditions as he was rejected too many times
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: August 06, 2020 14:51 IST
Paatal Lok actor Abhishek Banerjee reveals the reason why his mother refuses to watch his show

Actor Abhishek Banerjee recently shot to fame as the iconic Hathora Tyagi in the hit Amazon Prime Video show Paatal Lok. Since then Banerjee has done many interviews and talked about his career. In a recent interview with Hindustan times, Banerjee opened up about how he stopped giving auditions as he was always rejected.

Abhishek spoke about the early days of his career and said, “Every time someone used to reject me in an audition, I used to think ‘it’s their loss bro’. I used to think of myself as a very good actor, always. That belief started shaking during my late 20s when I stopped giving auditions because I started getting scared of it. I was rejected so many times that I was scared to even enter the auditions. That was a trauma. I put on a lot of weight, stopped taking care of myself, and was living a very different life till TVF Pitchers happened.”
Speaking about Paatal Lok and his family he said, “ No, My mom and wife have refused to watch it. I coaxed my wife to watch it but she is not changing her decision. My mom has been very, very angry ever since the trailer arrived; there is no scope of dialogue there. She said after watching the trailer, ‘what are these dirty clothes that you are wearing’, she is basically angry because of that. She is angry with the makers, producers, costume department and everybody else that why did they make her son wear bad clothes. My father is the only one who watched it and he loved it, though he said ‘you have such a few dialogues’. More than the violence, it’s the glamour issue. The family thinks that shooting means going to good locations and wearing good clothes. Here it is completely raw and different. She can’t comprehend that this is also showbiz.”