Paddehuli is about middle class boy and his musical ride - Guru Deshpande

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 19, 2019 18:57 IST
Paddehuli is about middle class boy and his musical ride - Guru Deshpande

Director Guru Deshpande has a seperate inclination towards Tigers. His love towards Tigers can be seen in the titles of his directorial. His last directorial starring Yash titled Raja Huli, now he is coming up with Paddehuli. He says that I love Tigers for their eccentricity. I tried to portray the same unpredictable behavior in the lead character of Rajahuli for Yash's role.

Director Guru distributed about 40 films in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil industries. He had also worked in many crafts relating to films. Paddehuli is his sixth directorial. Nowadays we can see the trend where most of the filmmakers trying to reduce the songs in the movies, if possible completely eliminating the songs. But Paddehuli is an exception when compared to today's films. This movie is about a middle-class boy and his musical ride. This film comprises of 10 beautiful songs which are composed by Ajaneesh Loknath. Music is one of the highlight element in this film, every role will be complemented with a musical touch which will be very aesthetic while watching on-screen.
We had tried to use the poetic lines written by many famous authors like Basavana, DVG, KS Narasimhaswamy, BR Lakshman Rao, GP Raja Rathnam. These were lines that we had rehearsed in our childhood days. I hope the public may link with it also one of the positives in the movie. I feel that launching Shreyas Manju is very different than launching other debut heroes. He is the person who comes from a filmy background. My film Rajahuli was produced by K Manju, it was he who was responsible to make Paddehuli. He was totally confident with my work and given the opportunity to direct Shreyas. However, I was not consumed with pressure. K Manju had watched the movie and said he liked it.
Paddehuli has giant star cast Ravichandran, Sudharani playing the supporting roles. Rakshit Shetty and Puneeth Rajkumar, Yograj Bhat will sizzle in cameos which is a huge plus for the movie. Guru's son Tanmay Deshpande will be playing child version of Shreyas in this movie.