Parul Yadav: I am doing films with young filmmakers in three languages

Parul Yadav dispels rumours of quitting acting as a profession
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: April 16, 2020 14:08 IST
Parul Yadav: I am doing films with young filmmakers in three languages

Parul Yadav has had a very successful run over the last couple of years. She has starred in several films in Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films. When recently asked as to why she hasn’t been signing projects, the actress revealed that she is working on several films

In a recent interview, Parul spoke of the remakes of Queen. Parul Yadav will appear in the Kannada remake of the hit Bollywood film Queen. Tamil, Tegulu, and Malayalam remakes are also in the works. The Kannada remake titled Butterfly is being directed by Ramesh Arvind. He will also be directing the Tamil remake titled Paris Paris starring Kajal Aggarwal. Meanwhile, the Malayalam remake Zam Zam features Manjima Mohan and the Telugu remake This is Mahalakshmi stars, Tamannaah Bhatia. Owing to the coronavirus, the films now stand delayed. Parul while taking about films said, “Since the project took off around the same time in all four languages, we are looking to have a simultaneous release on the same day. While we have received certificates from the censor board for the Kannada and Malayalam versions, we are yet to receive it for the Tamil and Telugu versions. We will not be able to release them until we get these two certificates as well,” says Parul, adding, “It is frustrating, but there isn’t much we can do.
The actress was then asked why she has not been signing new projects after Butterfly. To which Parul replied, “Who says so? I am working on a bunch of subjects with a few young filmmakers in Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil. These films will be produced under our own banner, and will also see me playing the lead.”
She also added, “Although I am happy to be part of hero-centric movies, what I don’t want to do at this stage of my career is to be in a movie where my character is just a prop for the hero. One of my projects will be a bilingual made in Kannada and Telugu, while the other one will just be in Tamil. More details will be revealed once I have the script in hand, and we are ready to go. I am open to working with other production houses, and am even holding discussions with a couple of filmmakers from other production houses,” she says.
Seems like the actress has a lot going on. She also mentioned that she is writing a story too. She revealed, “I had a one-liner in mind. It struck me a couple of years ago. Now that I have time, I am doing a little research before I write the story,” says Parul, who hints that her subject will be close to reality. “I will give further details about the film and the storyline once I complete it. This will be yet another project that I will be producing and acting in,” she adds.