Pawan Kumar of Lucia and U-Turn fame opens about the films that have shaped his personality

Star filmmaker Pawan Kumar of Lucia and U-Turn fame is now looking forward to appearing in the film Gaalipata 2 and directing Nicotine.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: June 06, 2020 13:51 IST
Pawan Kumar of Lucia and U-Turn fame opens about the films that have shaped his personality

Filmmaker Pawan Kumar has certainly made a name for himself among the film fraternity with his innovative films like Lucia, U-Turn, and many more. But what were the films that inspired the star filmmaker? Pawan let us in on the films that inspired him and put him on the path of filmmaking. In a recent interview with a popular daily, Pawan says films like Gandhi, Life Is Beautiful, Schindler’s List, and many others helped him be the filmmaker he is today. Here are the films Pawan spoke of and what he had to say about them Gandhi I was born in 1982 and the film released in 1983. My mother was keen on this film being my first cinema hall experience. My father tells me that I was crying and he was pacifying me taking me up and down the aisle during the film. Over the years, this has turned out to be a favourite and Gandhi, as a personality, has been a big influence in my life. If you see my style of filmmaking, I've tried to get the community together too.

Life is Beautiful
This was the first non-English and non-Indian film that I saw in a cinema hall. I was with a theatre group and they pulled me along in the year 2000, after a workshop. I was pretty unsure and was cursing them through the first 30 minutes. But I was drawn into the film thereafter and it changed me. I made sure everyone at home watched it.
Schindler’s List
It was an extremely expensive original DVD, but I made sure I had a copy even though I didn't have enough money on me. I've watched it many times, shown it to my parents and even made sure every girlfriend of mine watched it with me. It made me understand what empathy is. It made me understand how to make the best of every situation.
I was brought up in a way that I didn't have much exposure to homosexuality. The film changed my perspective about sexuality. It is another original DVD that I bought. I was trying to be an actor then and it had a huge impact on me. In my solo play The Final Rehearsal, I have a little segment that's inspired by this film.
Fight Club
I was working in Mumbai and it was the end of the month when I chanced upon this DVD at a store. I had Rs 1200 in my account and this DVD was priced at Rs 850. I tried convincing myself that I could buy it the next month, but I gave in to the temptation and bought it after half an hour of deliberation. This film has been my go-to film whenever I am low. The one-liners from Tyler Durden have always helped me pick myself up.
While these were the most inspirational films, Pawan added that Forrest Gump, Children of Heaven and I Am Sam had a huge impact on him, emotionally.
On the work front, Pawan Kumar will star in the sequel to the hit coming of age romance flick Gaalipata. He is also directing a film titled Nicotine aka C10H14N2. The details of the film are yet to come out.