Performing with an actor like Jaggesh is a fringe benefit for me - Pramod

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 25, 2019 13:05 IST
Performing with an actor like Jaggesh is a fringe benefit for me - Pramod

Pramod is an actor who moved from serials to films who is very stubborn about being in the cinema and considering his future nothing but only cinema. One who knows about him will say that patience is Pramod's darling. He debuted with the film Geetha Bangle Stores which was released in 2015, almost took three years to bag another film offer. Though I had a pretty good start at films after that, I had faced lots of downfall because of which my morale was down, but now I am looking for another new start with my second flick Premier Padmini.

He speaks that for me it's very essential to connect with a character that I have to play in the film. With many sour experiences, I had also discovered the importance of the production house. Even from its scripting phase, I have this bond with the plot of Premier Padmini. I knew the producer Shruti Naidu since I was working for serials. It's really lucky that director Ramesh Indra who had written this story has this intention of casting me for this role. He had seen my first film and was pretty confident of me who perform this particular role in Premier Padmini. He was the one who insisted the Producer to cast, fortunately, I did not let both of them.
Playing the parallel lead role alongside the versatile actor like Jaggesh is a huge blessing for me. I am really glad that I had got this opportunity to act with him in the flick. Performing with an actor like Jaggesh is a fringe benefit for me and my career. I got to know why the makers are so particular in casting a popular actor in the movie. The charm Jaggesh sir brings in is hugely positive for the film.
No matter what commercial success is paramount for a budding actor like me. Though people say I am a decent actor but the makers who do mass films never cast me. After my film, I had given nod to about eight films but no film was materialised people didn't even know I had many offers in my kitty. I learnt a lot during this period. While working in serials we used to know the role but how the story turns is unknown. In films, it is very different altogether one particular role is not enough for the movie. The story, taking, re-recording, production if anything is not up to the mark the film become dud at the box office.