Police case filed against Master movie producer Xavier Britto

An FIR has been filed against Master producer Xavier Britto for playing songs at the film's audio launch without permission.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: January 13, 2021 11:02 IST
Police case filed against Master movie producer Xavier Britto

Ever since Master's shooting began last year, controversies and problems seem to follow them. From Delhi's air pollution to Income Tax officials raiding Vijay's house, the team has seen the thick of it all. Even before the release, certain visuals of the film were leaked by a miscreant. Now, there is another controversy pertaining to producer Xavier Britto. Master's audio launch took place at a plush hotel in Chennai in March 2020. The audio launch, which was aired live on Sun Television channel, is in trouble now.

While introducing Vijay, many other songs of the actor were played at the event. A private company has now filed an FIR against Xavier Britto for using the songs without permission. The Madras High Court has ordered CBCID police to officially file a complaint against producer Xavier Britto. The company claims that they have copyrights to some of the songs that have been used during the audio launch in 2020. Even though, the company's claims are proven to be right, it is the timing of filing the complaint that raises everyone's eyebrows. Master has hit the theatres across the globe today.