Prabhas' 'Walk To The Throne' BGM on YouTube

Music director Ghibran, on the occasion of Diwali is sending out a special gift to all Prabhas fans, in the form of releasing the popular music score from the movie Saaho
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 26, 2019 10:32 IST
Prabhas' 'Walk To The Throne' BGM on YouTube

Songs sure play a crucial role in the films. But more than the songs, the BGM also plays an equally important role in the elevation of the scenes. But, most of the time, the background score will be the most unnoticed thing in a film.

However, over the changing time, the audience is also showing more interest in the BGMs. On this note, just like how the makers release the jukebox of audio songs before or after the release of a film, popular music director Ghibran is has now released the background score he has given for Young Rebel Star Prabhas' recent outings 'Saaho'. Touted to be a Spy action thriller, the background score by Ghibran has received a thumping response from the audience.
Especially during the coffee shop scene, interval scene, and epilogue scene where Prabhas walks up to the throne, Ghibran's music took the scenes to the next level. Upon request from so many fans, Ghibran has released the BGM of a particular scene from 'Saaho' on the occasion of Diwali.
"Here goes the #Saaho "Walk to the Throne" OST. Darling fans, please share and happy Diwali #DarlingPrabhas. #Prabhas @sujeethsign #HappyDiwaliDarlings" tweeted Ghibran releasing the video.