Premier Padmini streamlines on middle aged independent women

By Xappie Desk, April 27, 2019 12:31 IST

Premier Padmini streamlines on middle aged independent women

Shruti Naidu who produced many daily soaps on small screen now returns to silver screen with one unique subject. She felt that I had experienced tediousness and also felt i had drenched with the work i have been doing. Then my friends advised me to get into production of feature films, but I was not able to connect with the filmakers around me. Then the script from Ramesh Indra was brought to me, then he narrated the script I was totally felt in love with it, I decided myself to get into production with this sort of a script.

This movie basically deals in with pure emotions, I hope most of the middle class household will connect with it. The story does not require huge funding with giant sets and other grandeur. It requires prolific actors performance who can clearly convey the emotions through out the films. Coming to Kannada film business it is very small. But in the case of Bollywood, there is involvement of big companies which clearly can raise huge funds to produce films. This not the case her, I am the single producer of this film huge risk involved.
Premier Padmini has main leads Jaggesh and Pramod in the movie. Also has female cast Sudharani and Madhoo in the main roles. Both of them playing the role of modern day women who are independent and single mothers. The relationships today are totally changed. There are relations today we cant even name it. Premier Padmini streamlines on middle aged independent women played by Sudharani and Madhoo.
I hope Premier Padmini helps me for great and fresh start for me says Shruti Naidu. Today the audience are not that interested to come to theatre due to raise of digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. We as the person should create such stuff which brings the audience to the theatres. I hope Premier Padmini will be first step in creating such revolution. I also hope film will be well received by the audience. I want to produce more work which centralises the family value, shares Shruti Naidu.

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