Priyanka Upendra's Howrah Bridge movie renamed to Devaki

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 21, 2019 15:04 IST
Priyanka Upendra's Howrah Bridge movie renamed to Devaki

Mummy, the horror flick which was released at the peak of its trend in the Kannada film industry. This film was released and turned out to be one of its kind movie in its respective genre. Now the same actress and director duo Priyanka Upendra and Lohith are back with another flick Devaki which is an emotional film, unlike Mummy. Initially, this movie was titled Howrah Bridge where fifty per cent of shooting was completed. Makers intended to change the title and now renamed it from Howrah Bridge to Devaki.

Karthik Gowda the distributor who was impressed with the teaser bought the rights of Devaki movie under NRA method which stands for Non-Refundable Advance. For a movie like Devaki, this is some sort of accomplishment. Normally the distributors will not acquire the rights with such method if no star is involved in the project. We all very aware that without any star in the movie if challenging to release a movie. We need to suffer the costs for posters, rent of theatres and other costs. I hope the teaser and combo value may have played an important role here, says the director Lohith.
The entire movie will be shot in Kolkata, even the sound at locations was recorded to be more accurate and authentic. The sound effects will also be done in Kolkata. If we are shooting in Kolkata the ambience and everything should be in detail.
Upendra's daughter Aishwarya making her Sandalwood debut with this movie. Priyanka will be playing her mother role in this movie. Kishore to be seen as Police Officer. The actor who played the Kasab role in RGV's 26/11 movie Sanjeev Jaiswal will be debuting into Kannada films with this movie. Bengali actors will also be part of this movie. Not to miss the realistic effect you can see and listen to the characters will be speaking in Bengali, English, Hindi languages, states the director. The film will be very soon to be presented to CBFC and then they will come up with a release date of the movie.