Queen actress Kangana Ranaut reveals Sushant Singh Rajput was anxious about not getting big films

In her earlier video Kangana Ranaut also blamed Bollywood's obsession with star kids as a reason behind Sushant's death.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: June 18, 2020 15:54 IST
Queen actress Kangana Ranaut reveals Sushant Singh Rajput was anxious about not getting big films

Kangana Ranaut has once again come to the media to speak more about Sushant Singh Rajput's untimely death. In a recent interview with Pinkvilla Ranaut has revealed that she knows a lot about Sushant's life as they had many mutual friends.
Speaking to Pinkvilla, Kangana said, "Sushant and I had never interacted – at least I don’t remember it particularly – but we had many close friends like Sandip Ssingh and Kamal Jain. There were many people who were so close to Sushant. I pretty much knew what was going on in his life because they were very fond of him and very close to him.”
Ranaut also shared an excerpt from her conversation with producer Kamal Jain. She revealed, “Kamal ji told me that he had spoken with Sushant last Monday and he was very disturbed. He mentioned that he had never spoken like that before. He had told Kamal Ji: ‘Make a big film with me yaar. I’ve given Chhicchore, I’ve given a hit film but I still don’t have any big films. I don’t’ have the work I want.’ Kamal Ji assured him to do something together once the lockdown is lifted. They were supposed to meet on Thursday, but then this happened. So, clearly, he was anxious about work and he was anxious about the way people have cornered him.”
She added saying, "Then of course, he had a certain attitude, he didn’t like sucking up to people. Also, he was very vulnerable. In every interview, he mentioned that he didn’t know how to express himself. And that even as a kid whenever he went out and saw people looking at him, he didn’t know what they were thinking about him, so he became very studious. Same is with this industry. What gets mean and unfair is that in his last few posts he was literally begging people to watch his film.”