Radha Ravi takes bashing from all sides!

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 26, 2019 14:19 IST
Radha Ravi takes bashing from all sides!

Radha Ravi takes a bashing from all sides!
Ever since he slut-shamed Lady Superstar Nayanthara at her upcoming film's trailer launch event, senior Tamil actor Radha Ravi has been cornered from all quarters. Samantha took to her Twitter and posted a sharp and sarcastic message targeting Radha Ravi.
Samantha decides to mock Radha Ravi big time and tweeted, "You’re a sad man and we all feel sorry for you. May your soul or whatever is left of it find peace," she added. The highlight of Sam's tweet was the last two lines. "We'll send you tickets for Nayanthara's next superhit film. Have some popcorn and take a chill pill,"
Even well-known actor, Rana Daggubati tweeted, "Just heard some filthy comments from Mr.#RadhaRavi to press about a very fine actor. Your comments sir reflect the "filth in your character" and the "fineness in her many performances" as the actor. Such a shame to the community you are!! #RadhaRavi."
The KJR studios said that they sincerely condemn Mr #RadhaRavi and will not cast him in any of our films and mentioned that hey will strongly advise our associates and friends in the industry not to cast him either.
And then eventually Radha Ravi was suspended from DMK after his shameful comments on Nayanthara.