Raiza Wilson accuses dermatologist Bhairavi of negligence

Raiza Wilson's skin treatment with dermatologist Bharaivi Senthil went wrong and she ended up with bruises under her eye.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: April 24, 2021 18:33 IST
Raiza Wilson accuses dermatologist Bhairavi of negligence

Last week, Raiza Wilson took to Instagram to share a shocking image of herself with a bruised eye. She said that her dermatologist Dr. Bhairavi Senthil suggested an unwanted procedure that ended up wrong. She wrote in a legal notice that an apology in untoward and sought compensation of Rs 1 crore. In a recent statement, Raiza said that she is a victim of the wrongful procedure.

Her statement read, "I approached Dr. Bhairavi Senthil based on her advertisement on various social media platforms to perform certain cosmetology procedures. I have been suggested by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil and her staff from the beginning of the consultation only to extort money. I have been denied emergency treatment by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil while my life was at threat due to the procedure. The shreds of evidence available to me (including a doctor's examination) clearly show that I am a victim of wrongful procedure conducted by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil. Hence, an apology is ‘untoward’. I am a victim of a negligent act caused by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil and staff. In the future, no one should undergo the pain I experienced. Being an actor, I consider myself responsible for my actions to society. Hence to ensure no further people are affected by Dr. Bhairavi Senthil service, I have initiated a complaint before the National Medical Commission of Tamil Nadu against Dr. Bhairavi Senthil and others for conducting an investigation in due course of law, and I hope the decision of the authority would be revealed after investigation. Finally, I initiated a legal proceeding claiming ‘ One Crore’ as damages from Dr. Bhairavi Senthil for deficiency in her service. In due course of the legal proceeding, any damages awarded in favor of me would be donated to ‘ Victims of Medical Negligence’. With faith in God and Hope in Judiciary, I pray that people should always be provided with the best medical services (sic)."
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