Rana Daggubati reacts to false rumours on his health

Rana Daggubati reacts to speculations on his health and gives clarity
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 07, 2019 11:41 IST
Rana Daggubati reacts to false rumours on his health

Tollywood star actor Rana Daggubati has been in the news because of the rumors about his health from the past few days. Some speculations is planning to undergo kidney transplant surgery. Rana recently reacted to the rumors on Twitter.
Yet, Rana has been dodging the rumors claiming that he is doing good. But, his recent visit to the US has raised so many brows about his health. He even took a long break from the shooting and has been in the US for more than three months, which further increased the rumors. Recently, his latest pic is trending on the internet, and the news that he will return to India came out as happy news for the fans. According to the reports, Rana is not coming to Hyderabad but will stay in Mumbai.
On the other side, a leading English news daily reported news that Rana was in London too, to which the actor replied, "I was not in London. Why writing random shit."
The people close to Rana are trashing the rumors saying Rana went to the US for the pre-production activities of his next film, 'Hiranyakashyapa,' but the truth in the news is yet to be out.
During a fan interaction on Twitter, Rana replied, saying that he will be in Hyderabad this weekend.