Rangitaranga producer and director to team up again!

By Xappie Desk, July 04, 2019 14:56 IST

Rangitaranga producer and director to team up again!

Rangitaranga clocks 4 years on July 3. Director Anup Bhandari too completes six years of his journey in the film industry on the same day. The mystery thriller, which was released in 2015, had an excellent start and created a new benchmark in the overseas market. It marked the debut of director-producer H K Prakash and actors Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chetan. The director recalls how they waited for big Kannada films to release that year and finally came up against the Telugu film, Baahubali, which is something that will remain as a memory forever. “I had thought the film would go out of theatres in a week, as we didn’t get screens. But the film stood firm mainly because of the huge support given by the audience. Even though the film had a slow start, the producer never lost hope and always talked positively,” he adds.

Producer Prakash and Anup are now in talks for another project, and the director is hopeful for a sequel. “If I plan to do a sequel, I will go with the same title, and the same setting, but with a different story. Of course, Prakash and I have been wanting to collaborate on a project, and we will discuss it once both of us finish our prior commitments,” he says.

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