Rebelstar Ambareesh movie Title for Sharan's new Film

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 08, 2019 18:17 IST
Rebelstar Ambareesh movie Title for Sharan's new Film

Sharan's new film directed by Suni titled Avatar Purusha first look has been revealed recently. It seems that not only in the terms of the title but also the first look bears similarity with Hollywood 2009 magnum opus Avatar.
An interesting fact is that title Avatar Purusha is taken from Rebelstar Amabareesh's film Avatar Purusha, released 30 years ago. Makers re-used the title as they felt that the title is appropriate and serves the purpose. The film production is by Pushkar Mallikarjunaiah, mentions that this film's main plot taken from Mahabharatha.
Hero Sharan plays the role of Junior Artist. He has to pose different get-ups and roles which indeed justifies the title Avatar Purusha. This flick is a comedy entertainer, a major part of shooting will be done in Chickmagalur. Extreme research has been done on this film subject line. Shooting will commence from Feb 11th. We shall also announce complete cast and crew details very soon. A segment Trishanku and the short phrase Aswathama Hatha Kunjaraha will be very vital in this film.
Charan Raj scoring the music and Dop by William David for the film Avatar Purusha.