Recreated version of Olavina Udugore is released only in theatre

By Xappie Desk, March 18, 2019 14:39 IST

Recreated version of Olavina Udugore is released only in theatre

It looks like the wait will only get longer for Kannada Movie Lovers who are eagerly waiting to watch the remade version of the popular Ambareesh track Olavina Udugore in his son Abhishek's Amar.

Due to copyright issues, the makers have been instructed not to promote the song on social media or digital platforms. This song, featuring the lead pair Abhishek and Tanya Hope, will only be played in theatres.

Director Nagashekar who was planning to release the songs (scored by Arjun Janya) in the next 10 days, wanted to go ahead with releasing Olavina Udugore. However, abiding by the rules, the makers have decided to drop this particular track and will start promoting the film’s audio with four other songs.

Amar marks the debut of Abhishek, and is one of the most anticipated films of 2019, with the posters and trailer making the right noises. The romantic drama set against a racing backdrop is now in the post-production phase and will be presented to the Censor Board soon. The film, made under Sandesh productions, is likely to hit theatres sometime at the end of April or the first week of May.

With Darshan in a pivotal role, Amar also features Devaraj, Sadhu Kokila, Chikkanna in the cast. This will be Tanya Hope’s second outing after her debut, Yajamana.