Regina Cassandra's drag queen look is just stunning

Regina Casaandra shared from when she did drag a couple of days ago; she also tells us the difference between a drag queen and a bio queen.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: May 20, 2020 13:16 IST
Regina Cassandra's drag queen look is just stunning

Regina Cassandra recently started an Instagram series called the ‘not so’ late show with RC. She recently had drag queen Matmya in her show. For the occasion, she turned into a drag queen. Regina shared a photo from the show and it is just awe inspiring! Regina dawned a very 1970s look with a bandana and glorious eye makeup! Regina shared a black and white version of the photo as well. The photo could just take you back in time.
Regina Cassandra also differentiates between a drag queen and a bio queen. She says she a heterosexual woman who does drag is a called a bio queen rather than a drag queen. Regina posted the two photos with the caption, 'This Sunday gave me the perfect opportunity to get into 'drag queen' shoes. Many were shocked and yesss, it might’ve been a lil OTT for the others. But hey! what can I say.. I’m living the dream and having a blast! Oh and If you didn’t watch the show then here’s something to note. 'Bio queen', that’s what I (any heterosexual woman) would be called if I did drag. Thank you @designbyblueprint @prakatwork @rowdyrani and @notsysha for bringing out the best.'
On the work front, Regina Cassandra has quite a few project lines up. They are Party, Kallapart, and Kasada Thapara. Party is an upcoming comedy film that stars an ensemble cast. Actors such as Jai, Shiva, Jayaram, Ramya Krishna, and many more will appear in the film. Kallapart is an action thriller drama starring actor Arvind Sami in a leading role apart from Regina. Kasada Thapara is an anthology film that features several actors such as Harish Kalyan, Venkat Prabhu, and many more.
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