Saaho Live Updates Premiere Show Review

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: August 30, 2019 02:58 IST
Saaho Live Updates Premiere Show Review

Post Baahubali’s gigantic success, Telugu cinema is known to the word and many more people now enjoy quality content from Tollywood. After Baahubali here comes Prabhas again in Saaho, which is set to make Telugu cinema proud again.

After all the years of hard work, Saaho is hitting the screens and set the box office on fire. For all the miraculous efforts and passion that's been put in, Wishing the Sahoo team nothing but the best of everything. All the Best Darling Hero Prabhas, Director Sujeeth, Producers and everyone involved from team Xappie
Live updates:
*After taking sweet time to introduce and establish all the villains finally it’s Rebel Star Prabhas entry. Simple yet Stylish entry followed by the mass fight
*Superb BGM for that entry shot of Prabhas
*So many characters are getting introduced randomly, Director is messing up the plot with the cliched narrative already.
*40 mins into movie Looks like more style but no substance till now
*Time for Psycho Saiyaan Song, much-needed break from the story which is not going anywhere
*Among the bunch of villains introduced, only Chunkey Pandey stands out convincingly. The rest of them come off as mere caricatures, who fail to make an impact till now
*Touted as India’s biggest action thriller we hardly get see any jaw-dropping or stunning action sequences till now... I guess including story everything is saved for the second half
*Prabhas is trying hard to shoulder this clueless film, He perfectly fits for the role, however, his 'Bahubali' charm is missing here, as he looks a tad tired.
*Ok Ye chota nuvvunna song let’s take a break
*All Attempts to infuse Entertainment with comedy fall flat as none of the jokes worked in film favor
*Finally first half ends with a good twist which is expected to come anyway
*Pretty flat first half. Interval twist is good..but the screenplay is too confusing and uneven. Much talked about action scenes not seen in 1st half. Overall below average first half
*Second half started on a dull note. It’s time for Bad Boy song, Prabhas totally in control of the song he looks Macho and hot...Song oozes confidence of Prabhas as he is effortless with Style and Swag.
*Finally it’s some action, This is films first big action sequence which shot and executed superbly just wow
*Background score by Ghibhran is top-notch and it carries the mood of the movie very well. BGM is a major highlight of the movie without any second thought.
*The movie is so stupid that it starts with kidnapping central minister from international criminals and that case is being handled all over the by Mumbai police with a love story.
*Sahoo overall report - Flop, Positive points - Bgm, Rich visuals and production values, Negatives - a confusing story with too many villains and conflict points
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