Sai Dharam Tej poses an important question to everyone

Mega supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej who always show concern towards the society has posed an important question to everyone of us.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: December 01, 2019 14:55 IST
Sai Dharam Tej poses an important question to everyone

On the occasion of Raashi Khanna's birthday yesterday, Sai Dharam Tej took to Twitter to convey his best wishes to the actress. The actor did send his wishes with an interesting caption and a picture. "Happy birthday @RaashiKhanna ji ... mundhu cheyi theyi amma Mee fans arusthanaru Naa medha #haathnikhalo #cheyithee #solobrathukesobetter" posted Sai Dharam Tej along with a picture featuring Raashi.
Maruthi, the director of Prati Roju Pandaage starring Sai Dharam Tej and Raashi Khanna came in between the conversation and initiated a funny banter.
Maruthi shared the pictures from the film Prathi Roju Panduge and wrote, "Ikkada cheyi vesindi evaru darling
#PratirojuPandaageOnDec20th" where we can see Sai Dharam placing hands on Raashi Khanna.
Everyone thought that it was a publicity stunt and Sai Dharam is wanted to do this for the promotion of the movie. But today, Sai Dharam again took to Twitter to respond to it. The entire stunt opened to a lot of responses that made the actor think.
"All these responses made me think: Mee favorite heroine Medha cheyi vesthene #cheyithee #haathnikalo annaru as part of cinema ani telisi kuda...mana chuttu unna ammaylani Inthe love and concerntho manam chudagaligithe #priyanka lanti victims mana societylo unadavu kadha???" he asked.