Sai Pallavi says no to the makeup for this reason

Yet again, the sensational star Sai Pallavi reasons out why she opts for no-makeup
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: December 01, 2019 13:35 IST
Sai Pallavi says no to the makeup for this reason

Sai Pallavi is one of the leading actresses of the current generation. She enjoys a massive fan following in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam film industries. She didn't get such a fan base due to her glamour but purely for her talent. It is quite an achievement to gain stardom here where the fans are mostly obsessed with heroines' glamour.
Sai Pallavi also puts no makeup on her face in her films. Speaking about it in a recent interview, she said that she won't be herself after putting the makeup on the face. Initially, a few directors suggested her to apply makeup but soon realized her natural face is prettier than the makeup one.
Pallavi was a big fan of Trisha and Simran since childhood. She opines that she is not glamourous like them. When her debut film was up for the release, Sai Pallavi was quite tensed on how the audience will accept her, who has no makeup. But we all know what happened after her maiden film Premam released.
Initially, Sai Pallavi was a bit worried about her pimples and all, but eventually, she accepted the way she is. Now, the people are admiring the natural quality of her. Pallavi will be next seen in the film Virata Parvam.