Samantha Akkineni talks about pay disparity in film industry

In a recent interview, Samantha expressed her displeasure in receiving low salary when compared to heroes.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: March 12, 2021 10:39 IST
Samantha Akkineni talks about pay disparity in film industry

Samantha Akkineni is a name and force to reckon with. Her growth from being an actress to a star of her own league is something she can be proud of. She also shattered the talk about married women not continuing to work in films. She has now been experimenting by choosing diverse roles. For the first time, she will be playing a negative role in her digital debut Family Man 2. Samantha is somehow who does not mince words and boldly expresses her opinion. In a recent interaction, she spoke about how women get paid lesser in the film industry when compared to the heroes.

She said that it is sad to see the glaring pay disparity in film industry. She said that even if the top three heroine's salary are put together, it will still be lesser than what a hero gets even if he is in the twentieth position. She further added that heroes get the liberty to increase their salary after every film while heroines are not allowed to do. If at all they increase their remuneration, it'd cost a huge issue. Samantha also stated that it is a great injustice to the women who work equally hard as the men in the film industry.