Samantha Akkineni's farming ideas prove to be an expensive affair for the common people

Samantha Akkineni comes up with interesting videos and pictures about her farming practice which is now the talk of the town in the industry.
Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: July 29, 2020 15:25 IST
Samantha Akkineni's farming ideas prove to be an expensive affair for the common people

Film stars are the biggest influencers in our country. If a star is endorsing any brand, his/her fans prefer to use that brand thinking that their favorite star is actor/actress is using it. Thus, many big brands in our country rope in big stars to endorse their products. But sometimes, these endorsements prove to be very expensive for fans. Samantha Akkineni's new terrace farming is something only rich folks can afford and not the common man.
If you are following Samantha on social media, you might be aware of her terrace gardening activity. She is doing this mini-farming at her residence in Gachibowli. She also gave us a sneak peek of how she set up the farm, what she is growing, and also how the first harvest of Lettuce came up. Samantha is growing various crops like bell pepper, mustard greens, cherry tomatoes, basil, and spinach on this farm. She also urged her fans and followers to opt for this kind of organic farming.
But things are not easy for common folks to grow such a farm. Each set up of Samantha costs around Rs. 15000-20000 in the market. If one wants to set up four farms, it costs around 60000-80000. Common people cannot afford such investments for farming. And also, they don't eat products like lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and mustard greens. Those are the food items that are extensively used by fitness freaks. Thus, Samantha's farming ideas are only applicable to elite folks.