Sanjay Kapoor on his character in Sonam Kapoor starrer 'The Zoya Factor'

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 27, 2019 17:14 IST
Sanjay Kapoor on his character in Sonam Kapoor starrer 'The Zoya Factor'

Sanjay Kapoor performance in his last outing Mission Mangal' is a standout. His role in the film and his surprise dance for 'Kabhi Ankhiyaan Churao' has added flavour, which has been praised by masses.

The actor spoke to Etimes about his next upcoming project, 'The Zoya Factor'.
Sanjay will be next seen in his niece Sonam Kapoor's film The Zoya Factor. Speaking about the role he is playing in the movie, an elated actor said, he could not disclose much information about his personality right now. But all he could say is that it's a very happy character, not like his character in Mission Mangal.
He further said that in Mission Mangal he played a nagging dad while he was playing a good dad to the character of Sonam Kapoor. For the movie, the uncle-niece duo had filmed, and that was a great experience for both of them.
A report indicates that shooting together drew together Sanjay and Sonam and gave them the opportunity to get to understand each other more closely as they generally only met during celebrations.
So it was a nice opportunity to understand each other as an individual to work 14 hours together on the sets. The Zoya Factor movie will be released on 20th September 2019.