Sanjjanaa Galrani tests positive for Covid-19

Sanjjanaa Galrani took to Instagram to reveal that se has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: April 20, 2021 15:11 IST
Sanjjanaa Galrani tests positive for Covid-19

Sanjjanaa Galrani is the latest celebrity to have tested positive for the novel coronavirus. She informed the same by posting a video of herself getting the test and. In her caption, Sanjjanaa wrote that she is not surprised to see the result as there is a doctor in her family. She also added that she expected to test positive even during the first wave of Covid-19.

Her statement read, "yes but No but yes ... I am corona positive. Doctors family are first at risk and we have to sacrifice our safety, we have to serve the society .. live 1st for the society for the people, honestly I am not much in shock that I am Corona positive, in fact, I’m surprised that the corona first wave did not affect me and my family as I have a doctor in my family and I am surrounded with Corona warriors who are his other doctor friends otherwise as well. I will take this also positively and I will fight it with a humble humble smile .. Since I have wheezing .. little breathing difficulty all the time, I use a wheezing pump throughout the year, from the age of my seventh standard in school. I hope corona which is a lung disease Will not aggravate and become aggressive on me in the coming days .. also I am introducing some work out for Corona patients with breathing issue like me ... kindly watch the video ... spread the msg of these exercises .. thank you to Dr Satyanarayana, lung specialist from Manipal Hospital To fill courage in me in such a tough time and to help me stay positive and fine (sic)."
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