Shabana Azmi and Hema Malini are angry at the government asking senior artists to stay at home

Senior actor Kanwaljit Singh said that the government's decision to keep senior actors away from work might push many towards suicide.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: July 11, 2020 15:57 IST
Shabana Azmi and Hema Malini are angry at the government asking senior artists to stay at home

The government has allowed filmmakers around the country to resume shooting as long as they are following safety guidelines. However, this still doesn't apply to everyone. The government has issued various rules restricting the work of many senior actors. And it looks like this decision has not sat well with various artists.
Speaking to Midday Shabana Azmi said, "A small portion of Vikas Khanna's untitled film has yet to be shot. What happens to these projects? Why should producers have to sign on younger artistes and make them sport grey hair? Why is this rule applied only to the film industry, and not politicians? Will they ensure that no leader above 65 will attend any political rally. They (technicians and artists involved in filmmaking) don't run parallel businesses whereby they can make up their losses.
Actor Hema Malini also wrote a letter to home secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla. The actor cited the examples of Amitabh Bachchan, Anupam Kher, and herself. She wrote that the senior artists "will be restricted from completing their previous and recurring projects.
Actor Kanwaljit Singh also expressed his anger over the government's decision. Singh said that this decision might push many to the brink of suicide. He added saying, "So what do actors like me do? Hang up our boots? How can I be asked NOT to work? I have nothing against the new actor or the channel. But this rule needs to be changed. Otherwise, what will the hundreds of actors like me do? We are fond of working, we love our work, how can the government stop us? Will the authorities wake up when one senior actor, in depression for being out of work, commits suicide? Not every senior actor or unit member is well placed enough to tide over these difficult times by simply sitting at home, not working. Most of them need to work, some for financial reasons, others for the sheer love of work.