Shah Rukh Khan reveals why son Aaryan Khan might not enter in the acting field.

Shah Rukh Khan Feels That Aaryan Cannot Act, But Admits He Is A Good Writer On David Letterman’s Show.
Written By Rajeshwari Jagtap | Updated: October 26, 2019 12:05 IST
Shah Rukh Khan reveals why son Aaryan Khan might not enter in the acting field.

Shah Rukh Khan is all set to appear in David Letterman’s show and we have already gotten a glimpse of what King Khan might be revealing in the show. He is a super doting dad and has said that he is learning to cook Italian food for AbRam. Now, he has also made some interesting revelation about eldest son Aryan.

With star kids making debuts one after another, there's no doubt about the speculation regarding king Khan's son Aaryan and his big Bollywood debut. Everyone has been waiting for Aryan to make his Bollywood debut, because you know, he is SRK’s son afterall. But it seems like Shah Rukh does not quite want his son to be an actor, because he feels Aryan isn’t quite good at it. During the recent interaction, he said, "My son doesnt want to act and I dont think he can. But you know in India it's like okay if you are a movie star's son then you become a movie star. He looks nice and tall and okay...But I dont think he has what it takes perhaps, and he realises it himself. He is a good writer."
When David Letterman asked if he has share these thoughts with Aryan, SRK revealed, "I think wanting to become an actor has to come from within. It's something that you are wanting to do and really feel like doing and then find the set of skills and learn it. But I think I have realised it from him when he said that. He came and said that, 'I don’t think I want to act. His issue was which I think is very practical and honest. He said, 'every time I will compare to you. So if I do well, it ll not be because I got skilled at this it'll be 'oh he is his son, he will do well. It's in the genes' and then he said if I don't do well it'll always be 'my God look at him..what his father did and what is he doing?'. So he said I don’t want to be in that position."
Whatever Shahrukh feels, his fans are desperately waiting for Aaryan Khan's debut in Bollywood.