Shraddha Kapoor's Chhichhore dialogue promo - 'Maya College Ki Dream Girl'

Written By Arjun Uddaraju | Updated: September 05, 2019 18:46 IST
Shraddha Kapoor's Chhichhore dialogue promo - 'Maya College Ki Dream Girl'

A week after the release of Saaho, Shraddha Kapoor is getting ready for her next release Chhichhore. The movie is directed by Nitesh Tiwari who earlier directed Dangal which is a blockbuster. The movie also has Sushant Singh Rajput, Varun Sharma, Naveen Polishetty, Prateik Babbar, Tahir Raj and others. The movie is being promoted extensively to keep the buzz high. The makers have released dialogue promos oaf all the stars from the movie.
A video featuring Shraddha Kapoor has been released today who is playing Maya in the movie. Its a sneak peek into the life of Maya who is a college girl and is a dream girl in the college.
The movie is slated to release on September 6 amidst the huge expectations among the younger audience. The trailer, songs and the dialogue promos released so far shows good essence of college days.

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Actor Arshad Warsi reacts to Joginder Tuteja's post about Guddu Rangeela and says the film never got its due

On Friday filmmaker Joginder Tuteja shared a throwback post about his film Guddu Rangeela. Tuteja shared the film's poster and said that he was disappointed that the action comedy film did not get its due at the box office. He tweeted writing, "5YearsOfGudduRangeela - I still believe this action comedy didn’t get its due. This one with @ArshadWarsi @TheAmitSadh @aditiraohydari should have worked at the BO. Dir @subkapoor tried to make something different in the commercial space. Still remember the iconic climax shot."

Now actor Arshad Warsi has also reacted to Joginder Tuteja's post. Warsi has said that he feels the same way and thinks no matter what he does he never gets his due. Arshad retweeted Joginder Tuteja's post and wrote, "My sentiments exact... it’s like no matter what I do, it’s not good enough for the box office…"
Arshad Warsi made his debut in the Hindi film industry with Tere Mere Sapne in 1996. Warsi's success has come in supporting roles in various successful films like Munna Bhai and the Golmaal franchises.
In an interview with IANS Arshad Warsi said that he always tries to be authentic with his performances. Arshad said, "I have always believed that acting is like special effects. If you can see the special effect, then it’s a bad special effect. In the same way if you can see the acting then it’s bad acting. I try my best not to act."
Arshad Warsi recently made his digital debut with the Voot series Asur. Warsi plays a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) officer in the show.

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Mayuresh Krishna's Nepometer app measures Mahesh Bhatt's Sadak 2 as 98% nepotistic

Sushant Singh Rajput's tragic death has forced his brother in law Mayuresh Krishna to start a new app that measures a film for its nepotism. The official website has called Nepometer a place for "providing score and rating on Nepotistic and Independent Bollywood movies and TV".

On Thursday Mayuresh Krishna chose Mahesh Bhatt's directorial Sadak 2 starring Alia Bhatt as the first film to rate on the website. Sadak 2 also stars Pooja Bhatt. Alia Bhatt and Pooja's uncle Mukesh Bhatt has produced the film.
Taking to its official Twitter handle the user wrote, "Sadak2 is 98% Nepotistic. We rated it based on 5 categories, Producer, Lead Artists, Supporting Artists, Director & Writer. 4 out of 5 categories have Bollywood Family members. When #nepometer is high it's time to #boycottbollywood..Will you watch this movie? Tell us in comments."
A fan of the concept behind Nepometer wrote, "#Nepotism is an issue whn it gives opportunity to non deserving 1s hvng 0/low acting skills like AP, SAK, VD etc. Thr r some good #nepokids actors too like Shahid K, RanbirK, Hrithik, FarhanA. Will b grt if #Nepometer considers all unbiased angle."
Reacting to the tweet, the Nepometer makers replied: "Agreed. Goal is to drive change of overall composition. We are not saying don't make movies with your kids. But the overall crew should have diversity. If one leading artist is no kid, let's have another leading independent artist. Same goes with other categories like Director etc."
Meanwhile, a Hindu community in Bihar has lodged a court case against the makers of Sadak 2 for hurting their religious sentiments.

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Actor Rahul Bhat slams internet trolls for comparing and calling him Alia Bhatt's brother

Actor Rahul Bhat recently found himself at the mercy of internet trolls. Many on the internet compared Rahul to Alia Bhatt and also called him Alia's half brother. Other fans of Bollywood also accused Rahul Bhat of nepotism. Now the actor has slammed all internet trolls and debunked all such rumors. Alia Bhatt's mother Soni Razdan also confirmed that Alia and Rahul are not related to each other.

Rahul Bhat took to Instagram and wrote, "If u call @aliaa08 a product of #Nepotism then you are harming the entire debate. She is a brilliant, gifted actor, she is here because she is capable of Carrying a film on her shoulders. Ps- I ain’t her brother so don’t tag me nonsense without verifying who it is u r referring to.”
Alia Bhatt's mother Soni Razdan also retweeted Rahul's tweet. Rahul Bhatt in reality is the son of Mahesh Bhatt with his first wife Kiran Bhatt. Rahul is the brother of Pooja Bhatt. Rahul Bhat is a different actor and producer who is not related to the family.
A fan of Rahul wrote, “Yes she is a brilliant actor. No doubt. She would have made such a name if she not a daughter of a director? She would have got such offers if she was not a daughter of a director? You are missing the entire point. Talent is precious but nepotism is killing it.” Another wrote, “hahahah! I know you sir! But I humbly have reservation on your statement that she is not a product of nepotism, chances she got may be due to influence of her father but ya her inherent gift may keep her going!”