Shraddha Srinath shares the experience which made her a non-believer and a feminist

Shraddha Srinath shares this unique experience on Instagram and revealed the reason behind becoming a feminist
Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: May 31, 2020 09:36 IST
Shraddha Srinath shares the experience which made her a non-believer and a feminist

Menstruation is still considered as a taboo in India. Many parts of the country treat women in their period as impure. People say that women should not attend poojas and enter temples, during menstruation. Even after many campaigns and awareness programs, the stigma still remains in the society. This taboo made actress Shraddha Srinath a non-believer and a feminist at the age of 14. The actress shared the story which made her a feminist. Many people got connected to it and applauding the guts of Shraddha for speaking it out.

Earlier today, Shraddha Srinath shared a lengthy post on her Instagram profile. She wrote, "I was 14. At a family pooja, I got my period. I was not accompanied by my mom, so I nudged my aunt sitting next to me and worriedly informed her of it (because I was not carrying a sanitary pad). Another good-natured lady sitting close, saw me worried and overheard me and said to me, smiling reassuringly, “Parvagilla Chinna, devaru kshamistaare/ don’t worry child, God will forgive you” (for being part of the Pooja while menstruating). That’s the day I became a feminist and a non-believer. I was 14."
It is good to see a popular actress like Shraddha sharing her story and trying to break the taboo, at least among the current generation. On the career front, Shraddha is currently working in various South Indian films like Maara, Godhra, Chakra, Krishna, and his Leelas and Phantom.