Shruti Haasan shared a few nostalgic moments in a 'back when I could' series

With the lockdown getting extended, it looks like Shruti Haasan is reminiscing all the things that she could do just a few months ago; Shruti took us down memory lane with a few photos and videos.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: May 20, 2020 14:13 IST
Shruti Haasan shared a few nostalgic moments in a 'back when I could' series

All of us are trying to adjust to the new norm of social distancing. We might be missing out on all things that we did with our friends and family just a few months ago. Looks like Shruti Haasan is reminiscing and feeling nostalgic about all those wonderful moments she shared with her colleagues, friends, and family. She took to her Instagram Story to share a few of those moments with a series of 'back when I could' photos and videos.

Shruti Haasan first shared a video of her and her dad Kamal Haasan dancing away on a stage. The video was shared on a fan account; she shared it with the #beforesocialdistancing on her story. This was followed by a series of nostalgic photos and videos. Here’s a list of the fun memories that Shruti shared:
Back when people could touch my face and hair - A video from a hair and makeup session for a shoot
Back when we're less than two feet apart - A video of her dancing to a tune
Back when I would complain about being out in the sun - A sun-kissed photo of Shruti with the
Back when I could go to museums - A photo of Cleopatra’s mummified body!
Back when I would meet my friends and family in Chennai - A photo of her with her dad and friend. She shared another photo with her dad and sister with “Family time is the Best Time” written across the photo.
Back when I cracked silly jokes with Akshu Papa - A photo of her laughing away with her sister Akshara Haasan.
I miss my pre-stage jitters - A video of her comforting herself backstage of an event
I miss the weird shit you find on a movie set - A creepy photo of a prop doll that Shruti found on set
I miss rehearsing with my ladies - A video of a jam session wherein in Shruti is singing with her band
There were a few memories Shruti Haasan shared. Shruti took us down a quite fun and nostalgic memory lane. Looks like Shruti is trying to appreciate the luxury of returning to normalcy. On the work front, Shruti Haasan is looking forward to appearing opposite Ravi Teja in the film Krack. She will also star in the film Laabam opposite Vijay Sethupathi.