Siddharth Shukla has the most endearing comment for Bigg Boss 13 runner up Asim Riaz

Previously Siddharth Skuhla also denied any rumours about the rigging of Bigg Boss finals.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: June 26, 2020 13:19 IST
Siddharth Shukla has the most endearing comment for Bigg Boss 13 runner up Asim Riaz

Ever since Bigg Boss 13 concluded Siddharth Shukla has not looked back. The popular tv actor won the trophy and the cash prize of Bigg Boss 13 and has collaborated with many stars after the show's conclusion. Bigg Boss 13 runner up Asim Riaz has also seen an incremental increase in his fans and followers after his skit in the popular tv reality show. Siddharth and Asim weren't the closest of friends within the Bigg Boss house. However, Siddharth has now said that he is a friend of Asim outside the house. In a recent interview, Siddharth has revealed that there is one quality he really likes about Asim. Siddharth has called Asim very focused and dedicated.
Recently Siddharth Shukla spoke to the media and denied rumors surrounding the finals of Bigg Boss. Many netizens suspected foul play as they believed Asim Riaz deserved to win the show instead. Siddharth has categorically denied news about any rigging. He said, "I really would not know, some really upset people must have said. But that’s all good and that doesn't make a difference. I have been through the journey. There are some people who feel bad about it. Everybody has their section of people out there rooting and vouching for someone. So when the person they are rooting for does not win they come up with things like these. But they are completely baseless, but I know there are facts that go into this and once you know, it is fine.”
In another interview, Asim also said that the Bigg Boss finals are completely fair and depend on fan votes.