Sikkim MP demands action against Paatal Lok for hurting the feelings of Nepali communities

Indra Hang Subba has raised a concern related to a racist slur found in the show
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: May 25, 2020 17:18 IST
Sikkim MP demands action against Paatal Lok for hurting the feelings of Nepali communities

Amazon Prime Video's latest Indian crime show Paatal Lok has taken the internet by storm. Fans and celebrities are all loving the show for its nuances. However not all communities are just as happy. In the latest turn of events an MP from Sikkim has written to the Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar demanding action. MP Indra Hang Subba has raised his concern over a perceived insult targeting the Nepali community in India.

Indra Hang Subba wrote, "This is regarding sexist slur hurled against the Nepali speaking community in the second episode of the original series Patal Lok which is being streamed in Amazon Prime Video. Nepali is one of the 22 languages listed in the 8th Schedule of the Indian constitution with 10.5 million people speaking the language as mother tongue. Hence the derogatory and offensive label made in the particular scene of the series has not only hurt the sentiments of the community but has also set an example of racist stereotyping of the people from the community especially at this time where the people from the northeast region have already endured racial assaults owing to the Covid-19 pandemic."
"I strongly condemn the irresponsible and insensitive act and would like to extend my unconditional support to the appeal made by the community through the online petition which has stressed on Amazon muting the slur, blurring the subtitles and uploading an edited version of the video along with an apology from the makers of the series and a disclaimer," he added.
Previously another MLA from UP also filed a complaint against the show. The petition argues that the show is portraying Hindu agencies in a negative light.