Sonali Bendre talks about being a 'friendly-parent' to her kid, says 'I never lie to him'; Read on

Sonali Bendre gives some interesting insights about her parenting style, says she likes to be a friendly parent to her kid than a friend to him; Read on
Written By Saumya Bansal | Updated: June 03, 2020 21:05 IST
Sonali Bendre talks about being a 'friendly-parent' to her kid, says 'I never lie to him'; Read on

Sonali Bendre, who's a proud mother of her 14-year old kid Ranveer Behl, talks about her parenting life. Giving insights into her parenting style, Sonali revealed that she's more like a friendly-parent than a friend to her kid. She said, 'I am not my child’s friend and don’t think I need to be. I am his parent and why can’t I be a friendly parent and have a great time together. There are certain things he will speak with his father, with his aunts, with his friends, with his grandparents, there needs to be an outlet for healthy relationships.'
Talking further, Sonali added, 'I tell my kid ‘you know technology more than I do, but however grown-up you might be, your brain is not fully formed and might not be able to process the emotional part of it’, and that’s where parents come in. It’s an investment in communication and it always pays off.'
She also revealed that the actress has never lied to her kid. 'I have never lied to my kid, I might dress up the truth but have never lied. If I expect my child to be truthful, I need to be true to him. Only reason why you don’t want to be completely truthful is because when they are young they will analyse it and comprehend it in a manner and you don’t want it to be ‘so big’ that the child will be scarred. So to make it a bit lighter you give them a version of truth, ' she concluded.