Soni Razdan defends her husband and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt over nepotism comments

Mahesh Bhatt recently announced the release of his film Sadak 2 starring Alia Bhatt
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: July 08, 2020 17:04 IST
Soni Razdan defends her husband and filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt over nepotism comments

Mahesh Bhatt is one of the biggest and most well-known film-makers in the Hindi film industry. Bhatt, however, has a history of starring only big names in all his films. Mahesh Bhatt has received a lot of flack over the nepotism row after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. So when Soni Razdan joined Manoj Bajpayee to talk about mental health fans trolled her over Mahesh Bhatt.
In her conversation with Manoj Bajpayee Soni said, "The point is that depression does not need a reason to engulf a person. It comes unbidden to the successful, the rich..."
A user attacked Mahesh Bhatt replied saying, "The real issue is nepotism...and your so-called husband is flag bearer and so is the godfather of your daughter @karanjohar."
Soni Razdan later defended Mahesh Bhatt and said, "My husband has given more breaks to newcomers than anyone else in this industry. There was a whole long period where he refused to work with stars. Then he was accused of not working with stars! Do ur homework and then talk please."
Previously Soni restricted the comments on her Instagram account. Soni wrote, "Love it. Used to also love all your feedback and comments on my Instagram posts. Sadly I had to turn that off as I was getting the filthiest abusive muck on it for absolutely no good reason. Other than some vested interests’ attempts to sully the name of those they are either jealous of or have been recruited to attack. Many battles are going on behind the scenes which most of us are unaware of but are going on nonetheless. No matter. I shall soon be able to have you all back to comment when these morons find someone else to target with their sponsored hate. Remember just one thing meanwhile. I love you guys and miss you big time."