Sonu Sood denies claims of political gain behind helping migrant workers reach home

Meanwhile veteran actor Shakti Kapoor applauded Sonu Sood for his selfless service to those in need.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: June 24, 2020 19:00 IST
Sonu Sood denies claims of political gain behind helping migrant workers reach home

Over the past month actor, Sonu Sood has gone out of his way to help migrant workers stuck in Mumbai. Sood personally arranged for buses and other forms of transport to make sure that workers reached their respective homes. The Dabbang actor also provided adequate food supplies to many migrant workers. Sood also launched a temporary helpline number for the needy. Sood has said little to nothing about his motivation behind such action. Many including the governor of Maharashtra have applauded Sonu Sood for his philanthropy.

Yet not everyone thinks Sonu Sood is doing such work for no profit of his own. Sanjay Raut from the Shiv Sena claimed that Sonu Sood has some sort of political gain planned behind his philanthropy. Raut accused Sood and said, "Sonu Sood is a good actor. There is a different director for movies, the work he has done is good but there is a possibility that there is a political director behind it."
Now in a recent interview with Times of India Sonu Sood has denied all such rumours. Sood also said that such allegations don't bother him at all. He said, "When those allegations were made about me and the controversy erupted, I didn’t even read what was being written. When someone called to take my opinion on the matter, I was busy arranging travel for labourers and I told the person that right now I am doing something important and I don’t have time to react."
"I don’t care about such allegations. The idea is, when you are trying to do something different and good, people will point their fingers at you. As a matter of fact, such allegations strengthen my resolve to do more, and do better. And we actually got inspired to do more. We are, and we will continue doing the good work,” he added.