SP Balasubramanyam's death news strikes as a bombshell

The legendary singer SP Balasubramanyam left his last breath today in Chennai MGM hospital, leaving both Telugu and Tamil industries along with his family in dismal.
Written By Yagna Namburi | Updated: September 24, 2020 22:48 IST
SP Balasubramanyam's death news strikes as a bombshell

SP Balasubramanyam was admitted to the MGM hospital on August 5th with mild Covid-19 symptoms. His condition deteriorated on August 13th. However, on September 7th, his son SP Charan said in a video message that his father had tested negative for Covid-19. He further added that the 74 years old singer lungs are healing and that the doctors are hoping to take him off the ventilator soon. Charan also revealed that SPB is fully awake and communicating with doctors and nurses through a piece of paper. Balasubramanyam has been keeping himself occupied by watching a lot of tennis and cricket matches on his iPad. Charan also said that they celebrated his dad and mom Savitri's wedding anniversary at the hospital.

The very next day, a bulletin issued by the hospital's assistant director Dr. Anuradha, said: "He remains stable and continues to require ventilator and ECMO support. He is awake, responsive and his vital parameters are stable."
Nonetheless, the hope which is conferred by the doctors and his son, the reports state that SP Balasubramanyam suffered from other health issues even after he has been tested negative for the COVID-19. The legendary singer left his last breath today in the MGM hospital bed. The pandemic took its appalling turn on the family.
Sripathi Panditaradhyula Balasubrahmanyam's name shall cherish through eternity in the mark of his songs.